Antique Clock Descriptions And Prices

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Alarm Clock

Beacon Luminous. Nickel Alarm Clock, with luminous dial; height, 6 1/2 inches; width, 41/4 inches; 4-inch dial, and is manufactured by the New Haven Clock Company ofNew Haven,Conn.; best grade lever movement. Price, 97c. Note: The dial on the clock is luminous, and will show distinctly the time in the dark. The darker it is the brighter it glows.PriceRange: 78c to $2.62

Porcelain Shelf Clock

Boudoir No. 10. Genuine Porcelain Case, ornamented with gilt and colored, hand painted decorations; height, 71/8 inches; length 53/8 inches; beveled glass, 2-inch silver dial; has fine lever movement made by the Waterbury Clock Company. Price, $2.50.PriceRange: $2.15 to $8.25.

Antique Clock

Iron Case Shelf Clock

Leona. Very fancy enameled Iron Case, showing variegated blue finish, in imitation of marble, with fancy colored and gilt ornamentations; height, 12 inches; width, 9 1/4 inches; 6-inch white or gilt dial; fine eight-day movement made by the New Haven Clock Company; strikes hours and half hours on cathedral gong bell. Price: $5.95.PriceRange: $5.90 to $7.90.

Mantel Clock

Fresno. Very fine polished wood case, in imitation of black onyx, fancy gilt engraving, marbleized columns, with gilt bronze bases and caps, fancy sash; height, 10 3/8 inches; length, 16 inches; dial, 5 1/2 inches; fine eight-day movement; made by the Waterbury Clock Company, strikes hours and halves on cathedral gong bell. American white dial, Roman figures, or American gilt dial with Arabic figures. Price: $5.40.PriceRange: $4.40 to $6.30.

Statue Clock

Knight. Elaborate gilt bronze case, with very fancy engravings and scroll decorations, ornamented with a fine statue of a bugler; very fancy sash, with fine visible escapement; height, 15 inches; width, 15 inches; has fine eight-day movement; made by the Ansonia Clock Company; strikes hours and halves on beautiful cathedral gong bell. Price: $14.85.

Oak Kitchen Clock

Clarence. Fancy Cabinet Clock, 221/2 inches high; dial, 6 inches; made in oak only; beautifully carved and ornamented; fine eight-day movement; made by the Ansonia Clock Company; strikes hours and halves on wire bell. Price: $2.75.PriceRange: $2.00 to $3.90.

Walnut Parlor Clock

Buffalo. Fancy Cabinet Clock in solid black walnut only; very fancy ornamented and carved case; height, 26 7/8 inches; dial, 8 inches; fitted with fine eight-day movement; made by the Waterbury Clock Company; strikes hours and halves on wire bell with calendar. Price: $3.70.PriceRange: $2.00 to $6.15.

Perpetual Calendar Shelf Clock

Fine solid walnut or oak case, elegantly carved, height, 24 inches, dial, 6 inches. This clock is made by the Waterbury Clock Company; has fine eight-day, hour and half-hour strike movements, with cathedral gong bell and calendar. The calendar is perpetual with a 6-inch dial, showing the day of the week, the month, and day of the month; is guaranteed to be thoroughly reliable and accurate. Price: $5.25.

Weight Clock

This is the genuine old reliable Seth Thomas weight clock, made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company ofThomaston,Conn.The case has rosewood or walnut finish, with one-day weight strike movement; height 25 1/2 inches. Price $5.20.

Octagon Lever Wall Clock

Has oak, walnut, or cherry veneered octagon case or round nickel case; movement is patent lever, is made by the Waterbury Clock Company, and is a good reliable timepiece. This clock is especially desirable for offices, schools, churches, etc.; one day, with 4-inch dial, time only. Price: $1.45.PriceRange: $1.45 to $4.90.

Ionic or Figure Eight Wall Clock

Saxon. Rosewood veneered case, well finished; height, 22 inches; dial, 10 inches; is made by the New Haven Clock Company, and is especially designed for offices, schools, churches, etc.; eight day; time only. Price: $3.40.

Short Drop Octagon Wall Clock

Has solid oak or fine veneered case; movement is made by the Waterbury Clock Company and is thoroughly reliable. Is designed for offices, schools, or churches. Eight day, 10-inch dial; time only. Price: $3.45.Price Range $3-45 to $4.40.

Long Drop Octagon Wall Clock

Regulator. Has solid oak or handsome veneered and very fine finished case. Height, 32 inches, with 12-inch dial; has very fine eight-day movement, with calendar; made by the Waterbury Clock Company; has wood pendulum rod, which is not affected by changes in temperature, and is a very fine timepiece; makes a very fine office clock or regulator. Price: $5.85.

Wall Clock

Bruce. Oak, walnut, or cherry case, beautifully carved and turned ornaments. Height, 38 1/4 inches; width, 14 3/4 inches; dial, 8 inches; has fine eight-day movement with wood pendulum rod, which is not affected by changes in temperature; made by the Waterbury Clock Company, and is a very fine timepiece. Price: $6.70.

Cuckoo Wall Clock

These clocks are largely in use in Europe and have of late years become very popular in theUnited States. The clock is quite a novelty, but is thoroughly practical and is certainly a very interesting and pretty ornament in any home. The clock is fitted with a solid brass movement, cut steel pinions, and has two copper finished fancy iron weights. The height of the case is 19 inches, width 13 inches, made of fancy carved German walnut, ebonized ornaments, has white bone hands and figures. Price: $5.50.

(The little door above the dial opens every half hour; a bird appears, flaps its wings, and calls cuckoo, once for half hours and as many times as it is necessary to denote the time on the hours. Before the cuckoo has called the hours, the clock strikes the hours in the regular way.)

Celluloid Shelf Clock

Boudoir Clock. Amber color celluloid, with green color front. Dial, 3 1/4 x 1 7/8 inches, length, 7 7/8 inches, height, 4 3/4 inches. Thirty-hour movement. Not an alarm clock. Price: $3.75.PriceRange: $2.35 to $3.75.

Compressed Wood Shelf Clock

Here’s the newest clock on the market. The case represents a beautiful bungalow in natural colors; even the foliage is colored to represent nature. It is practically indestructible; made of highly compressed wood pulp compound; carefully enameled in natural colors. The clock runs thirty hours with one winding. Does not alarm. Length, 9 3/4 inches; 5 1/2 inches high. Price: $2.95.PriceRange: $2.95 to $3.45.

Tambour Shelf Clock

The Chevalier. Finished in rich mahogany, two-tone inlaid effect. 21 1/2 inches long and 9 5/8 inches high. Silvered dial is 6 inches in diameter with raised bronzed finish numerals. Louis XIV style hands. Price: $6.68. PriceRange: $6.68 to $27.75.

Banjo or Willard Clock

This popular clock is as accurate as it is beautiful. Hand rubbed mahogany finish. 35 1/2 inches high and 101/8 inches wide at the widest part. Glass is decorated with decalcomania ornamentations. An attractive 6-inch silvered dial. Louis XIV style hands. An excellent eight-day pendulum movement ensures accuracy. Strikes hours and half hours in sweet tone cathedral gong. Price: $13.90.


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