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An Overview Of Metal-Front Clock

Metal-Front Clock

Metal-front and metal-case clocks became more common in the U.S. after the mid-iSsos as more foundries opened. Until then, wood had been the primary material for clock cases and works. Metal cases were commonly molded with elaborate designs and then painted or gilded. Ansonia metal front mantel clock, gilded case, porcelain dial, eight-daytime & strike, […]

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Histories of The F. Kroeber Clock Company

In the minds of clock collectors, the name F. Kroeber Clock Company conjures up images of expensive clocks rarely available to the average buyer. The maker of these clocks was Florence Kroeber (1840-1911), who was born in Germany in 1840. He and his family immigrated to the United States in the mid-i8oos and settled in […]

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Beehive clocks are so named because they resemble the gently curving cone shape of a beehive. They are also known as Gothic clocks because they incorporate the shape of a Gothic arch. These clocks were widely produced by most U.S. clock manufacturers from the 1840s until the early 1900s. E. N. Welch rosewood beehive (Gothic) […]

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An Overview Of Cuckoo Clock

cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clocks, which originated in the Black Forest of Germany in the 1700s, are wall clocks that usually have ornately carved wooden cases in the shape of a house or cottage and are decorated with birds and foliage. On some models, when the clock strikes the hour, a bird pops out from behind a door, […]

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How Clock Features Condition And Affect Value

If you are considering buying or selling a clock, you should be aware of factors that will likely increase or reduce a clock’s value. The amount of increase or decrease of value depends on the individual clock. Consult a professional for an appraisal. Features that increase value: 1. Unique motion (for example, a girl swinging on […]

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An Overview Of Mantel Clock

Mantel clocks, otherwise known as shelf clocks, began replacing long-case (grandfather) clocks when spring-driven movements became available. Previously, clock cases were necessarily tall and bulky because weight-driven movements required a relatively long drop in order to operate. Mantel clocks also became more popular and affordable when mass-production methods were introduced. Unmarked metal front mantel clock, […]

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