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An Overview Of Calendar Clock

Calendar Clock

In about 1853, John Hawes of Ithaca, New York, made the first simple calendar clock in the U.S. Several years later, the first perpetual calendar clocks were produced. Perpetual models are superior to simple ones because they automatically adjust for leap years and differing numbers of days in the months. Most calendar clocks have two […]

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Antique Clock Descriptions And Prices

Alarm Clock Beacon Luminous. Nickel Alarm Clock, with luminous dial; height, 6 1/2 inches; width, 41/4 inches; 4-inch dial, and is manufactured by the New Haven Clock Company ofNew Haven,Conn.; best grade lever movement. Price, 97c. Note: The dial on the clock is luminous, and will show distinctly the time in the dark. The darker […]

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History Of Smiths Clocks

In 1931 Smiths, then called S Smith and Sons (motor accessories) Ltd., decided to enter the domestic clock market and formed a new company, Smiths English Clocks Ltd., as the Clock and Watch division of S Smith & Sons (Motor Accessories) Ltd. with Cricklewood as the main factory. Smiths were one of the first companies […]

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Histories of The Ansonia Clock Company

Ansonia Clock

Anson G. Phelps, a wealthy Connecticut importer of tin, brass, and copper, founded the Ansonia Clock Company in 1850, six years after he built a copper rolling mill near Derby, Connecticut. Phelps started the business with $100,000. He and his associates, Eli Terry and Franklin C. Andrews, advertised their firm in the Connecticut Business Directory […]

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An Overview Of Cottage Clock

Cottage Clock

The cottage clock is a shelf model first made in the 1800s. It was popular until the beginning of the twentieth century. Most cottage clocks have 30-hour movements, wooden cases less than 12 inches high, and flat or three-sided tops.

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