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An Overview Of Papier-mache Clock

Papier mache clocks were introduced in the mid-i8oos when manufacturers were experimenting with new designs. After mashed paper was mixed with glue and other adhesives, the easily molded product was pressed onto the clock, sometimes with added decorations such as mother-of-pearl. Later, manufacturers used a method of painting and gilding on cast-iron cases to create […]

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An Overview Of Wall Regulator Clock

A regulator is a clock with exceptional accuracy, made possible by the invention of the deadbeat escapement in 1715. Regulators were called such because they were used to regulate less accurate clocks and watches. For example, they were used in train stations and jewelry stores, where great accuracy was essential. Over time, however, less accurate […]

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An Overview Of Cabinet Clock

Cabinet Clock

The term “cabinet clock” is a rather broad one, referring to a 12- to 24-inch tall, highly polished, shelf clock whose case has been built by a skilled cabinetmaker. Cabinet clocks have hidden pendulums, typically feature oak, ash, walnut, ebony, or mahogany cases, and are eight-day time-and-strike models. Ansonia “Cabinet C” oak shelf clock, brass […]

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Antique Art Deco Mantel Clocks Price Guide

The Art Deco Style The French were the ones who had conceived the style we call Art Deco. It was a reaction to the stuffy Victorian styles and the start of the new, also called the Machine Age. New York’s Chrysler building is a landmark example of this style. The style took hold in America […]

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Histories of The Joseph Ives

Joseph Ives

Joseph Ives (1782-1862) of Connecticut was an inventor and clockmaker. Wooden clock movements were in vogue when Joseph entered the clock trade. He followed this trend and fashioned wooden movements. Soon, however, he realized brass movements would be better, especially those made from rolled sheet brass, so he developed a rolling pinion, a small gear […]

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An Overview Of Octagon Clock

Octagon Clock

Octagon clocks were often referred to as “schoolhouse clocks,” but they were also used in large workplaces and factories to keep employees informed of the time. They are classified as short drop or long drop, depending on the length of the case. They were most common from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. New Haven […]

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