Antique Art Deco Mantel Clocks Price Guide

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The Art Deco Style

The French were the ones who had conceived the style we call Art Deco. It was a reaction to the stuffy Victorian styles and the start of the new, also called the Machine Age. New York’s Chrysler building is a landmark example of this style. The style took hold in America from 1920 and continued into the fifties. Art Deco influenced architecture, furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry and graphic design. Please note that if you put your mouse over any of the images they will enlarge.

Art Deco Mantel Clock Attributed to Verrier

This is a stunning and very large French Art Deco mantel clock with a lovely figure of a woman and a uniquely stunning clock face. It was made in France approximately in the mid 30s and the sculpture, in patinated white metal, is attributed to Verrier. Verrier was awarded a Gold medal sculpture at the 1925 Paris l’Exposition des Arts Décoratifs ( Art Deco) et Industriels. The mechanism of the clock also bears fine lineage as it was made by the famous Marti company, clock makers since the early 1800’s. This Art Deco mantle clock keeps excellent time and the marble and statue on this mantle clock are in wonderful antique condition. The size is approximately 28 inches wide by 12 inches tall and 7 inches deep. It weighs about 45 pounds, and thus is a heavy clock. This Art Deco masterpiece would be a stunning addition to your mantle. Price: $1,700.

Antique Art Deco Mantel Clocks

Elegant Copper Trimmed Bakelite Deco Clock

This is a very unique Bauhaus Art Deco clock design in two tone Bakelite with a the charm and style of the 30s. What makes this Art Deco mantel clock extra special, is that it possess a lustrous copper trim all around the face. Very unique in the age of Chrome, but stunning in any event. The face has a black dial, raised Bakelite outer ring with a brass fretwork chapter ring with the numerals cut out, brass hands to suit, simple in design, yet elegant. The Art Deco face has a domed front glass in addition to the copper molded bezel. The base is a mixture of the brown and white Bakelite with an interlocking elongated design to the plinth. The movement is protected with a brass casing and then a cream Bakelite top cover to keep the dust out. There is an original 30’s paper label on the top of the casing with details on the quality of the movement. The size is approximately 7 inches tall as well as wide and 2 inches deep. The mechanism is German made with a spring balance eight day wind up movement, with all the original handles and knobs.The rear has a fine tune regulator so you can adjust the clock. The case is by Metamic, known for their Art Deco clock designs and assembled in England. Price: $500.

Automation Chiming Deco Wall Clock

If you like fun chiming clocks, this Art Deco wall clock is for you. On the hour and half hours, the little man strikes the bell with a hammer. The actual chiming sound is made by an unseen hammer on a chime rod. The case is wooden veneer and is finished in a rich piano lacquer. This Art Deco automation clock is approximately 15″ high, 5 inches deep and 13″ wide. The entire mechanism has just been rebuilt, thus it is as a new clock. This clock dates from the 1930s-40s. Price: $795.

Blue Glass 1930s Beauty

Very attractive Art Deco mantel clock in good working order, and keeping excellent time. The blue glass surrounds the dial which possesses stylised Arabic numerals. The feet and bezel are chrome as is the movement casing. There is not a manufacturers name, but more than likely it is German, and is circa 1930s. Dimensions for this Art Deco beauty are width approx 6.50″ height approx 4.75″. Price: $600.

Chiming Art Deco Mantel Clock

This is a lovely chiming German Art Deco Mantel Clock from the 1930’s. It is pendulum driven with an eight day wind. Aside from the lovely chimes you will hear, the styling is absolutely fabulous with the curved lines of the exotic wood finish, and touched off with the chrome numbering and hands. This Art Deco mantel clock is approximately 16.9 inches in width, 5.1 inches in depth and 9 inches in height. It would be a beautiful decoration for your mantel. Price: $750.00

Jaeger LeCoultre 1950’s Modern

In the mid 1800s, Antoine LeCoultre measured the micrometre for the first time and created the world’s most precise measuring instrument, the millionometer. Thus what was to become known as the finest measuring intstruments of time in the world, was developed as the Jaeger LeCoultre (today known as LeCoultre) clocks in the world. This antique mantle clock by Jaeger LeCoultre is from the late 50s and most surely is a fabulous “nifty fiftys” design. It is styled still in the Art Deco mode, yet thoroughly modern, not just for its time but even for today. This beautiful Art Deco clock could adorn your mantle, table or desk as it works well with all. It is approximately 5.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. Price: $1,250.


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